Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

well thats a tough question that i hate to answer when somebody asks me if they are too fat, or if there pimple looks bad, do they look ugly, ect.. These are the tough questions that you wanna be polite and just say no your not fat, or your pimple doesnt look bad, cause were afraid we are gonna hurt their feelings. Gfs are the worst when it comes to that stuff cause you know if you tell her that she looks too fat shes gonna be thinking about it all day and she will ask you again till you just say “well okay your not that bad” then shes gonna say ” what do you mean not that bad?” lol its hard to say but i say if the person can handle the truth then tell them. Think of a kid, would you tell them how babies are born when there 6 years old asking how babies are made? or If theres a family member that died of an overdose on drugs would you tell your kid why they died? No cause they not ready to handle those things. So i only tell a person if they look fat or there pimple looks bad if i know there not gonna go off on me and are mature enough to except my criticism as helpful. Cause sometimes people just want people to tell them the things they wanna hear and then theres the people that are asking for help. Just my thought on it


how to make a poopsicle for the holiday

aint nothing like a nice poopsicle for the holiday and its even great for the kids! For the best poopsicle make sure your foods are solid and firm so that when you go to take a poop it is long and hard and doesnt fall apart. For best results try not chewing on your food.

So to get started on your poopsicle take a poop somewhere you can retrieve it, a toilet isn’t a good idea. After you take your big steamy poo grab a popscicle stick, make sure its just the popscicle stick and everything off it, and stick it upwards to where your poo is firmly on the stick and wont fall off. Now that you have a your poop on a stick put it in the freezer and let it freeze for about 15 mins and waala you have a poopsicle that you and your whole family can enjoy!

To make some for the holiday you can eat hot sauce to give it that red color and for green lots of iron and potassium. You might wanna use someone elses poo too so you don’t have to wait too poo again after you make your colored poopscicle. If you wanna make your poopsicle a different color and you cant make it that color by eating something try coloring and decorating your poo! just use paint and a paint brush, you can color your poo whichever way you want!

So there you have it, you know how to make poopsicle and you can color and decorate it for the holidays! Next time i will show you how to make a poopsicle as a holiday present that you and your kids will enjoy! Infact im gettin so excited about poopscicle that i have too poo right now! See ya and have fun making poopscicles!